Travelling and meeting new people is usually great fun. Meeting geeks even more if you are a geek yourself. The last few years I’ve been at FOSDEM and FROSCON every year (which usually turns into a sleepless weekend of sensory overkill). And there are smaller events like the Gulaschprogrammiernacht (“gulash and programming night”, if you want) which are also pretty awesome. Plus the LUGs you find in most cities …

So here’s an offer:
I’ll come to your event (be it LUG, exhibition, or just an afternoon barbeque with a few friends) and discuss Gentoo, Open Source, performance-tweaking linux or whatever topics you want (optionally a shiny presentation, if there’s a good topic). All I ask in return are the travel costs from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and food and shelter.

If that sounds like the perfect rent-a-geek opportunity to you … Contact me and we’ll figure it out. And if you ask nicely you can even get a realtime Gentoo bugfixing session out of it!

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